Here’s How My Service Works:

Each session is structured the same, clients can have as many sessions as they need to meet their goals.


Step 1
A brief history of current challenges, what has been working to achieve your goal, and what has been blocking your progress.

Powerful Questioning

Step 2
A technique of asking questions designed to pinpoint your internal resources and blockages that will start to light your path forward.

Coaching Tools

Step 3
These are fun, imaginative exercises that can help you see your problem from new perspectives, identify your strengths in overcoming roadblocks, and give you ways to tackle and reduce overwhelm.


Mind-Body-Spirit Tools

Step 4

Techniques used to promote relaxation and activate the wisdom of the body-mind.


Step 5

Each session will end with an agreement for you to take realistic, attainable steps towards your goal, always generated by you and your intuition during our process together.


Before You Begin…

I would like to offer you a free 15 minute phone consultation to discuss the areas of your health that you’d like to improve and give you a better understanding of my process.